Home Sweet Home

This video is completely shot, edited, and published using the new iPad. I am impressed with how pleasant it is to do movie editing on the device. It feels more powerful than my Macbook pro.

Many of the decorations used in the wedding ended up being re-used to decorate our home. They are beautiful to look at and bring back many happy memories. They will continue to witness many more years of our lives together, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…

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13 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. maggiemii说道:


  2. 小雨说道:


  3. 小雨说道:


    • Fei说道:


  4. 跳舞の影子说道:

    你家被你布置得很有情调,那些手工制作的花用来装扮新屋真是一个不错的idea. 就像你说的,不但美丽还伴有无数美好的回忆。每一个细微处都能看出女主人的用心,像框里的照片告诉我们这家的主人是多么相爱!祝愿你们幸福一生一世!

  5. Maddy说道:

    你们那里灰多吗?你的纸花以后准备怎么清洁?你给我的bridesmaid bouquet有点小灰尘了。我们这里太干了,不下雨。我头疼以后怎么清洁它呢

  6. zhijie600说道:



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