My First Order

I have toyed with the thought of selling handmade paper flowers ever since I started making them for my own wedding. I listed a few types of flowers in my Etsy store and sort of forgot about it, because for months no one really ordered anything. To my surprise, last week, some bride ordered from me four crepe paper boutonnieres for her February wedding! I am so excited! And oh so nervous. It is my first order!

Making paper flowers for an actual paying customer is different from making them for myself. Suddenly I am not so sure any more. What if she doesn’t like what I create? What if I made it too big, or too small? What if I got the color wrong? She wanted a one red rosebud and a pink rosebud (those were easy because she saw the pictures of the boutonnieres I made and wanted the same colors) but with “mint green” leaves instead. I had to hold my ipad displaying google image search results for “mint green” in Micheals in order to find the leaves of the right shade of green. I did find something close, but not exactly. Then again, even among the search results for “mint green” there are different shades of it. Go figure!

I almost had a panic attack when, at one point, I couldn’t find any red crepe paper at home. I knew I had it, but I could have used it all up for my own wedding flowers. If I had to order them online and wait for the shipment (how strange I never found any crepe paper in any local craft stores, and believe me I searched hard everywhere), I would not be able to deliver the final products on time. Thank God that I finally found some left over red crepe paper tonight. Phew~~~

All these fears and anxieties went away as soon as I gathered my materials and started making the first boutonniere. This is almost a therapeutic process for me. I was feeling creative, confident, and happy! Really happy. I was on a business trip last week and X is on a business trip last week and this week, so I was really missing him and feeling lonely. Until tonight. When I was creating something, I forgot that I was alone.

Considering how much time I spend making these flowers and how little I charge for them, I am probably making below the minimum wage. However, if I think about how happy it makes me to make something with my own hands, I would be willing to pay to have that kind of satisfaction. Therefore, I am really sincerely grateful to you, my first customer, for paying me to do something I love. I hope you have a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage. May these flowers bring much love and joy, from me to you.


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13 Responses to My First Order

  1. zhijie600说道:


    • zhijie600说道:


    • Fei说道:

      哈哈,我的店面现在比较寒碜,一直也没怎么花心思在这上面。我的wedding coordinator好多次说要给我介绍客户,我都没有告诉她我在etsy有店。不知道为啥心里这么矛盾。

  2. 小墨说道:

    哟。恭喜成为business woman =)

  3. 6说道:

    Wow! Congratulations!! How wonderful!
    I so very much understand that happiness you mentioned.

  4. ZK说道:

    My comment here might be hash: your photography hasn’t progressed for years – but you could, and could sell them. I just wonder why you do not try to get a studio page? You can witness happiness and help people at the same time.

    • Fei说道:

      Ouch, ZK!
      Well, about my photography, you are probably right that I never got passed the level of above-average into the league of excellent. I guess even though I have loved it, I never “worked” on it. Something for me to think about, thanks for pointing that out. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

  5. maggiemii说道:


  6. floraqiqi说道:


  7. rtt322说道:

    This is so lovely! =)

  8. maoheihei说道:



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