Breaking Bad

We Finally finished watching all four seasons of the TV series Breaking Bad. It is some excellent story-telling! I like it because the plot is smart, unpredictable, and totally exceeds the audience’s expectations. The characters are well-developed and complex, no one is simply“good”or “bad.” There is a fine line between what is right and wrong; and the show keeps pushing (successfully) that line further to test the audience’s limit.

I love the “Gus” character, who is known as a successful businessman but also running a large-scale meth production-distribution operation. Brilliantly portrayed. There is a scene in season 4 in which he is poisoned, he goes into the bathroom, takes off his jacket, carefully folds it, takes off his glasses and ties, neatly places them, before he kneels in front of the toilet to puke. Wow, very cool and impressive!


7 Responses to Breaking Bad

  1. 小墨说道:

    我之前无聊的时候经常在中午回家吃饭时间看malcolm in the middle。一个儿童家庭喜剧。这个男的演他家的雷人老爸。后来发生了breakingbad,我看了一集,对角色转变接收无能,放弃了。。。。。。。。。

    • Fei说道:


      • 小墨说道:

        有一个早几年电影 叫 爱有来生。几好看滴。还有也比较老的 朱丽叶与梁山伯,以及 岁月神偷,我都很推荐,要看广东话版本哦。我还拖着看了看著名的 末代皇帝,矮油陈冲好有味道哦。她和邬君梅的英文说的好听的嘞简直。。。。还有一个章子怡演的茉莉花开,我也很喜欢,虽然我不算喜欢她。

        连续剧 我真心觉得步步惊心还可以。虽然我没有太动感情,还是不能否认它拍得很有美感的。



      • Fei说道:


  2. 小墨说道:

    btw,do you have Xmas travel plan or not? If not, maybe we’ll be able to meet in SF? =)

  3. 小墨说道:

    haha. that’s why i prefer to have it done at home. At least we get better food there.


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