Ooh the beautiful things I cannot see enough of…

I saw this fairy tale-like wedding photographed by the wonderful Magda Lukas from Ireland, and instantly became a fan. I love seeing works of European weddings photographers, they are so refreshingly different! And this wedding is special because it is a perfect blend of the European vintage and Japanese cuteness.

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This dress is so beautiful and innocent. She looks like she walked out of an anime.

Ireland fairytale wedding Vera Wang black wedding dress sash

Love love love the shots of the bride through the veil.

Nice soft color palette. I love seeing a variety of colors imaginatively put together to play off of each other.

The cake is adorable…

photos are from http://www.magdalukas.com/2011/11/summer-paul-pretty-wedding-at-the-village-at-lyons/

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9 条 Ooh the beautiful things I cannot see enough of… 的回复

  1. maggiemii说道:


  2. 六年级说道:

    嗯。我也喜欢这个color palette,和婚纱气质极和谐。蛋糕也可爱之极~~
    看来你这wedding fever还没过那!^_^ 节日快乐哦!

    • Fei说道:

      我想,对美丽的东西流口水的这点我是没治了。婚礼是经常出现美好事物的地方,综合photography, fashion, interior design and decoration, floral design, stationary design, food, cake, music, dance… 所以,我会一直关注,乐此不疲。

  3. summerbirdjane说道:

    Is the wedding gown Vera Wang?

  4. 张三说道:


    • Fei说道:


      • 张三说道:



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