The Wedding Dress

Believe it or not, I did not grow up dreaming of wearing a big white dress or having an elaborate wedding.

Until my friend and college roommate Katharine got married. She was such an elegant and beautiful bride that, even seven years later, I still vividly remember how stunning she looked on her wedding day. I remember wishing to myself that one day I would find someone who could make me as truly happy as Jonathan made her.

When I told Katharine that I was engaged, she and her mother Liz kindly asked if I wanted to wear her wedding dress. Yes! Yes! YES! Then, I realized that I had to have a wedding! One that is worthy of the dress! There and then began my 5 month journey of planning my wedding. Before that, I thought we would just go to the city clerk’s office and get a certificate Smile with tongue out

When I tried the dress on, I believed that it was meant to be, because I was the exact same height and size as Katharine. Most people who buy a new dress specifically for their size still need to tailor it to fit. With this dress, I didn’t alter a thing, other than adding two lacy shoulder straps.

The dress is A-line shaped, fully covered in French Alencon lace. There is a long line of buttons and a long train at the back.

Liz also brought Katharine’s cathedral-length veil for me. So dramatic! I don’t think I will ever get more dramatic than that!

Photo credit: I am not sure who took the first photo of Katharine. Great photo! The last photo is taken by my talented friend Mimi. All others watermarked “LIZ ROBERTS PHOTOGRAPHY”are taken by the wonderful Liz Roberts.

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10 Responses to The Wedding Dress

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  5. 六年级说道:

    haha!! indeed it’s hard to believe you didn’t even think about a big wedding, as your blog has been only about wedding for a looonnnng time. ^_^
    all started with a dress from a very dear friend, how wonderful and perfect is it?!
    so I guess you’ve had the wedding already? congratulations!! you look great in this dress! and with all those stunning things you have made, the wedding must be a truly one of the kind.

    • Fei说道:

      这个过去以后要找一个新的obsession :)


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