The Wedding Flowers

I guess by now you all are tired of seeing me blog even more about my flowers Smile

However, for the sake of record keeping, I am going to continue religiously documenting every little detail, so that when I get older, I can read them and remind myself of the beautiful memories. Or, one day, if I have children, and if they are curious, they can read about their parents and the wedding. 

Of all the things about the wedding, I have spent the most time working on and blogging about the flowers. I must have made hundreds of them. When I got stressed out by the wedding planning process, when at times everything seemed so hard and impossible, I always sat down to make some flowers. I find working with my hands clears my mind. I love working with my hands, the simple repetitive routines keep getting refined, and the flowers I make keep evolving. It is a very good feeling knowing that at least I have this under control. Even if all else went wrong, at least I would have a beautiful dress to wear and a pretty bouquet to carry down the isle. And, of course, a handsome guy waiting for me at the end of the isle. This knowledge gave me a peace of mind which prevented me from turning into bridezilla throughout the months of immense pressure.

I did consider hiring a florist in the beginning and actually spoke to a few. We talked about flower choices and color palette and cost. I was debating with myself whether I should just skip the florist and completely do it myself. I knew I could make pretty single flowers, but I had no idea how to arrangement them together. Thankfully, youtube can teach you anything! Some of my favorite floral arrangement videos are from  FlowerSchool, very very educational and inspirational, such as this one, showing you how to arrange a garden bridal bouquet.


  • Boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen

The one for the groom has a vintage skeleton key, the key to my heart Smile

  • Boutonnieres for the rest of the wedding party and special guests

The cutest ring bearer ever, Javin, in his handsome little suit, with his pillow and boutonniere. (picture by Liz Roberts)

  • Bridesmaid’s bouquet

My beautiful bridesmaids with their bouquets. (This picture is taken by my mother who has her camera still set on Chinese time.)

  • Bridal bouquet

These next two pictures (and the ring bearer picture above) are taken by the wonderful photographer and beloved friend and family, Liz Roberts. She is the person who inspired me to love photography more than 10 years ago. I have so much more to say about Liz and her wonderful family!

  • Dinner table centerpieces

Pretty spectacular-looking when I put all the centerpieces on the coffee table. I arranged them in vintage bronze or glass wine goblets or silver pewter. I got these vintage vessles from thrift stores for only a few bucks each.

  • Other floral arrangments for candy buffet, sign-in table, sweetheart table, etc, etc

  • Hanging flowers as Altar backdrop

This is made of a silk peony and an embroidery hoop

This is work in progress in my dining room……

My bridesmaids helped me hang them from the window of the bridal suite on the wedding day, before they were taken out to be hung at the altar. (This picture above is taken by my mom.)

Thanks to Uncle who fearlessly climbed up the ladder to hang these flowers. (photo by Liz)

(photo by my mom)

I saw how these flowers were hung at the altar for the first time when I walked down the isle. I thought they looked amazing! They looked like they were floating in the air…

Here comes the end of this long blog…I had fun remembering all the details, as much as making them and seeing them on the wedding day. I will post more pictures as I keep getting more and more pictures from Liz, family and friends.

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9 Responses to The Wedding Flowers

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    btw,你觉得这个Javin小娃有那么一点 像日华不,他那个闹腾劲儿也很像。嘿嘿嘿。

    • Fei说道:


  3. jleecute说道:

    相反 看到这么多漂亮的花儿 心情越来越好

  4. 跳舞の影子说道:

    太漂亮了,我好喜欢你的手捧花,餐桌装饰,以及那个在刺绣框里悬挂起来的花, 想象力无限,创造力无限,潜力无限。

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