The Wedding Stationary

I had a lot of fun making the paper goods for my wedding. I miss the months of treasure hunt on online vintage blogs and vector graphics sources. Thank you, Adobe, for the free month-long trial versions of Photoshop and Illustrator! I ended up doing two trials on two computers to finally complete all my design projects.

  • Invitation

  • Update Postcard


Thanks to my talented cousin who drew the sketch of us and Little 6.


  • Program

  • Escort Card and Guestbook Entry Card (printed on shipping tags)

Escort cards on display (Thanks, Maddy, for the photo.)

  • Menu

  • Kissing Menu

  • Table Name Card



You might notice that the table names are Middle Earth places from the Lord of the Rings. I picked my favorite places:
The Shire
Minas Tirith

Our guests had fun figuring out where these places are…

K & Q for the Groom and Bride on the Sweetheart table

  • Food Labels for Candy Buffet

I made these card stands out of wine corks 🙂

  • Signs

Bride and groom seat sign

“Here comes the bride” for the little flower girl to carry down the isle

“Just Married” sign

Lots of other signs

  • Thank You Card for Vendors and Wedding Party

Sorry guys that this is a hastily put together blog with a bunch of images. My mom is nagging me to finish this ASAP so I can take her to the mall 🙂

Till next time!

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3 Responses to The Wedding Stationary

  1. 跳舞の影子说道:

    一个完美婚礼背后的故事。。。。。。 🙂

  2. jleecute说道:


    • Fei说道:

      博客一会儿中文一会儿英文也是不得已,朋友里有的不能看中文,家人又不能看英文,不过反正我的内容大部分是图片,估计都懂的 :)


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