White Roses and Lace

Found this photo I took of my college roommate Katharine’s Vera Wang dress and bridal bouquet from 7 years ago… I think this was taken after her wedding and she went to her honeymoon with Jonathan while I stayed behind with Liz and Pinckney 🙂

How lovely are the white roses and all that lace on the dress!

I think I like the roses even more with a little bit of yellowing and withering on the edges of the petals. They look more fragile and delicate…

Brings back beautiful memories of that beautiful wedding. The parties lasted for days…

I am so honored to wear this dress for my wedding day. How amazing is it that we are the exact same size and height! Didn’t even need to alter the size at all… makes me think perhaps we were meant to be sisters, but were born half a world across from each other.

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