The Making of the Wedding Program

Long time no see my friends! I am back 🙂

I guess I will continue to blog about my DIY projects, since they are the only things from the wedding that I have pictures of right now.

This is the final product, my wedding program. A 4-page booklet bound by a piece of red ribbon.

– The Cover

Those of you who have seen my invitation might remember the red Alençon lace. It has made another appearance on the cover of the ceremony program.

I designed the cover page in July, and printed a few samples on heavy weight cardstock using my own little cannon printer. Although at the time, I had no inside pages or any idea how to bind them together. I just enjoyed looking at the cover in the beautiful window light 🙂

The inspiration came from this watercolor painting which I came across on this blog called The Feathered Nest. I found many other amazing vintage images on the wonderful blog. I even hoped that I could design more wedding stationary, just so that I could use these images.

I LOVE the color palette of this painting. In the beginning, I knew I had to have deep red as my wedding color (because mama wanted red), but I really loved (and actually preferred) the pastel colors: pink, green, tan… This picture is the answer to my prayers.  I no longer had to struggle to pick my colors. Forget about a wedding color. I could have them all! And this painting gave me the assurance that they would play beautifully with each other. It really finalized the tone of my wedding.

These pink and white roses in the painting look similar to some of the paper roses I made earlier. It fits right into the overall floral theme.

I also found this vintage book cover image scanned and posted on the same blog. (I felt like I hit the jackpot.)

I loved the vintage frame, the wear and tear of the edges, even the spots of discoloration on the page. After playing with the two images in photoshop, I arrived at this design. I didn’t do a good job cleaning up the original text from the book cover, so it looked a bit “dirty” for now.

When I design something, I usually put all the elements together fairly quickly, but then I spend forever long to stare at it and move things left and right, up and down, make it lighter, darker… I just couldn’t stop messing with it. Eventually, it became what it finally is and I was pleased by how it looked when printed.

I had the cover pages printed at Staples. The trick to keep the cost down is to buy the largest card stock you can find and print as many copies on a single page as possible, because for customers who supply their own paper, the cost of printing is the same no matter how large your paper is. Staples has a giant paper cutter which I used to cut the printed programs. I was cutting so much these days in the Staples near home (I cut all the programs, all the menus, and the kissing menus…), the employees all knew I was getting married and was super friendly 🙂

– Inside Pages

I designed the inside pages of the program really late, because things just didn’t finalize until the very end. I printed them on the same (left over) pink parchment paper which I printed my invitations on, using my own desktop printer.

page 1: The Ceremony

page 2: The Wedding Party

page 3: About the Wedding Party

page 4: Thank You

The insides of the cover page were rubber-stamped with sheet music and roses in red ink.

– Binding

Binding the pages together was hard! It must have been the most difficult part and gave me so many headaches. I didn’t have any stapler that could staple in the middle of the page, or hole puncher that could punch in the middle of the page. The ones I had only staple and punch holes on the edge of the page.

Luckily, I found this book-binding tutorial online. Seriously, I now firmly believe that if you google hard enough, you can figure out how to do just about anything! Thank God for the internet! And bless the good people who post tutorials online!


Even with the tutorial, it was extremely slow to assemble the programs by hand. I could assemble about 15 in an hour. Thankfully, the Mr. decided to rescue before I turned into Bridezilla out of frustration. His job was to punch holes in all the pages using a big needle. My job was to thread a ribbon through all the holes (using a piece of metal wire to guide the ribbon) and tie a pretty bow. The tricky part was to thread the ribbon through the holes without making the holes too big (I thought the smaller holes looked nicer).

Anyways. After countless hours of labor. Here are my ceremony programs. (Excuse the Ross tag on the metal stand :P)

Hope you enjoyed reading this lengthy post and want to make a little card or something yourself now 🙂

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10 Responses to The Making of the Wedding Program

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  2. Maddy说道:

    I forgot to take one of your program. It is so beautiful. Save one for me, I’ll get one in the future…

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  5. mimiwand说道:

    菲菲:婚禮的每一樣東西都能被收藏。I’m speechlessly inspired by your effort and talent. It is truly unforgettable!


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