Elizabeth Messina

I am in love with this lacy lingerie. The photo is beautifully shot by photographer Elizabeth Messina. Apparently, it is the latest trend for brides to do a Boudoir photo session in her lingerie (or less). I actually am not a fan of this idea. But this photo is so tastefully done! Love the soft light coming from behind, the framing of the subject, all the details in the room, and of course, the heavenly lace.

The photo is from the photographer’s blog.

I found out about Elizabeth because she shot the engagement photos for Jose Villa (another great wedding photographer). She’s gotta be good for Jose to choose her for his own e-photos.

Here is Jose’s take of a lady not wearing very much 😉

picture from Jose’s blog.

I can stare at these pictures for hours. I think the fact you don’t see the subjects’ face makes them all the more intriguing! 🙂


5 Responses to Elizabeth Messina

  1. 跳舞の影子说道:

    神秘感永远都会捕捉人心。 :)

  2. maggiemii说道:



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