Honey of a thousand flowers

this is one of the florists I have been following. Honey of a thousand flowers creates some amazing flower arrangements. I came across a blog post about her studio.

How wonderful would life be to work with pretty things like fresh flowers every day?

and her ribbon collection… seriously, I want some of that!

this is a bouquet she created that I ❤

All pictures are from the florist’s blog.


5 Responses to Honey of a thousand flowers

  1. summerbirdjane说道:

    Love the flowers. Wished I could open a flower shop when I was a child 🙂
    Fei do you know where you can buy the non-standard flowers?

  2. Fei说道:

    Jane, you can get flowers online, or from a local nursery, or from local farmer’s market, or sometimes even nice ones in costco (every time I go to costco I visit their flower section).

    • summerbirdjane说道:

      Right, but what they mostly have are roses / lilies / tulips / iris / daisies etc. Never saw some of the flowers used by this florist, like peonies / lilac/ jasmine etc. Does costco have those?

      • Fei说道:

        I have seen peonies in Costco here. But it is past the peony season now, so you won’t see it anywhere now.

        I also saw a large variety of flowers at the farmer’s market here…

  3. 跳舞の影子说道:

    这工作真是令人羡慕,好像不少女孩子都有过开一间自己的花店的想法。 🙂


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