A rose from another time

My first attempt at coffee staining roses and tags. I am not sure if I like my rose coffee stained more than watercolored. The coffee stained rose does look like it is from another time, an ageless dried white rose. Timeless. It is also amusing to think that the coffee filter rose ended up being stained by coffee, how appropriate and destined!

I probably won’t end up coffee staining my roses. I cannot visualize this color with the rest of the flowers. An interesting experiment nonetheless.

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5 Responses to A rose from another time

  1. 小墨说道:


  2. maggiemii说道:


  3. 六年级说道:

    lovely! you are truly an expert already!

    may I make a suggestion? a tiny bit color(red or pink) at the petals’ edge, more washed out pale at the lower part of the petals, what do you think?

  4. passer-by说道:

    it’s sooo beautiful~
    it looks like something with a story in it which belongs to “once upon a time”~


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