I sent these babies out last week.

I had fun designing our invitation. I wanted it to be vintage, simple, original, and reflecting our personal style.

The deep red color was the easy part, it is the Chinese traditional color for weddings… It probably doesn’t show too well in the picture, but I printed it on pink parchment paper. Thought I would blend in some pink here, since I am going to have all these pink paper flowers.

The lace is the most interesting element of the design. I scanned a piece of the French Alencon lace that my dress is made of (and turned it red in photoshop). So, there, a little piece of my wedding dress in the invitation. 🙂

The sketch of us on the response card was actually drawn a while ago for X’s birthday. It is based on an engagement photo of us. I am terrible with drawing, but I tried…

If I could do it over again, I would probably print it on heavier paper, like a card stock. I would probably also try to make the response card slightly smaller and more different from the invitation. Oh well, considering I only had the evenings of one week to work on the invitations, I am pretty happy, because it is the result of my labor, and it is unique. I like it better than the ones I see in the stores.

Now, moving on to the program, menu, escort cards, name cards, thank you cards…

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