A dress for a day

I was assigned the task to unpack a few more boxes of clothes today. They have been sitting there in a dark corner for a month since we moved… Unpacking gives me the headache, especially unpacking to a smaller closet than before!

Until I saw this dress… and admired how pretty it was… and resented the fact that I don’t have any occasions to wear it again… and cried over the fact that it no longer fits me (it is too big now). But oh, it was a beautiful dress!

It was a Vera Wang bridesmaid’s dress and loved intensely for one day four years ago, and never worn another day.

It has got the beautiful ruffled heart-shaped neckline and tulle allover

and a velvet bow on the back

I miss the show Sex and the City. It make me feel normal about my obsession with a beautiful dress 🙂


7 Responses to A dress for a day

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  5. summerbirdjane说道:

    我还记得第一次看到你穿这裙子的照片时好惊艳,觉得我要是有钱就好了,我的伴娘也穿vera wang。



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