About a girl

I am so grateful of Little Six in my life. She is soft, gentle, curious, and peaceful. She calms me down when I get busy and stressed out. She keeps me company when I am lonely. Her furry body hugs me and keeps me warm during cold days. She poses for my photo shoots. She is the cutest model I have ever worked with.

I caught her having a pensive moment this morning…

That look of her is so… glamorous!

she reminds me of

“Hello, singing birdie up there…” Six has the curiosity of a child about everything…

She is also easily scared, by anything. Her first instinct is to run. See those ears? Those are her scared ears.

When she not scared, she looks exquisitely composed and elegant.

Or, not.

Um… kiddo, don’t put your foot in your mouth!

She is a Daddy’s girl, always.

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13 Responses to About a girl

  1. floraqiqi说道:


  2. summerbirdjane说道:

    When my LuLu is angry, his ears look like little six’s “scared ears”. He looks like riding on a motorcycle.

    • Fei说道:

      Interesting. Little Six is so timid and good-tempered, I have never seen her angry. She never hissed at anything either…

      • summerbirdjane说道:

        You are so lucky! I want to meet your little six more and more since I never saw a really good-tempered cat before. LuLu won’t let me use him as a pillow even for 5 min. He is not ill-tempered but can be quite unhappy when he cannot get what he wants sometimes. And he is very stubborn and naughty. Maybe that’s the difference between a boy and a girl cat:)

        LuLu never hissed at anything until about a week ago. I was dry blowing my hair and he came over very curiously. I turned the hair-blower to him thinking he might like it. However, he became very aggressive, hissed loudly and attacked the hair blower. LuLu can also be very alert when seeing other cats but never hissed at them. He is really friendly with people even after I just punish him for his too-naughty behaviors.

      • Fei说道:

        How old is Lulu? Maybe a young boy is more naughty. Six is 4.5 years old. She is also scared of the hair dryer, but she will suck it up and bear with it every time after we shower her. She has this poor look in her face that makes me feel so guilty for putting her through it. But I know she will feel better dry than wet…

  3. summerbirdjane说道:

    Lulu is 2 years old soon. When did you get little six?

    Little six will bear with the hair dryer? LuLu even struggles fiercely when taking a bath. Another person has to help me hold LuLu when I wash him. Even so we would have small scratches every time.

  4. Li说道:

    I thought little six was a boy! Looks like she has put on some weight.
    Mimi is doing great in Shanghai. She now lives with my in-laws and 2 pomeranians.

    • Fei说道:


  5. passer-by说道:

    我的爱猫名叫“皮猫”~ 呵呵~
    开始爱猫~ 是一年前的事~
    爱上一只猫~ 就会开始爱所有的猫~


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