Remember when forever yours

Last time I took pictures of a red tissue paper peony, I didn’t do it justice. The color was off, washed in that harsh artificial lighting… So, today, a small make over for this hot little princess. I hope she will be pleased with these portraits.

Somehow, I am mesmerized by the light that comes through the thin petals. Every time I look at the pictures, my eyes are drawn to such subtle, semi-translucent, semi-transparent, gorgeousness.

Isn’t this fabric great? My peonies blend right in to this garden of peonies and roses. Even the name of the fabric, “Remember When Forever Yours,” just sounds so… out of this age…

It also doesn’t hurt that it is on sale in Jo-ann’s, not at all 🙂

Little Six is being super curious and nosy about all this. She puts a smile on my face.

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6 Responses to Remember when forever yours

  1. 跳舞の影子说道:


    • Fei说道:



  2. Ty说道:

    I love the pastel colors!

  3. zaheer ansari说道:

    you thinking is very very cool.are you engineer?


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