A day in the life of a paper florist

Wake up to a French countryside morning… in California

a bed of pink peonies

Did you notice these peonies are different from the ones I made previously? They have a bud in the center 🙂 I went to Costco this weekend and saw some real ones. My God, it was the first time I could remember looking at real peonies in person, and they are so beautiful beyond description. The day before, I thought my paper peony was beautiful. But it was nothing compared to the real thing! What a humbling experience it is to see, touch and smell the flowers! When X asked if I wanted to buy some, I said no. I am never sure how to deal with beauty that is transient like cut flowers. One day, I want to have a garden and plant some myself.

Well, I meant to say, the gorgeous peonies I saw all have buds! So I came home and tried to re-create what I discovered. I made the bud using a piece of crepe paper wrapped around a cotton ball.

Pillow talk


Recovering from a hang-over

I tried making a new kind of peonies today. This time, it is made of tissue paper.

Tissue paper peony vs. crepe paper peony

The best thing about this method is the color. These flowers are made from colored tissue paper, but I partially bleached it to create the natural color gradient in the petals using techniques learned from this tutorial.  Basically, dip one end of a short roll of pink tissue paper in bleach, then hang to dry.

The problem with the 50mm lens is that my arm is too short to hold the flowers far enough to focus. So, please excuse the foot 🙂

At this point, X decided that my pose was too unsightly, so he reluctantly offered to help (while watching the Mavericks vs. Heat game intently).

I tried to make a bouquet. I think these colors go pretty together.

Close up

By the time I finished taking these bouquet shots, Mavericks defeated the Heat and won the championship!!! (My hand model immediately went on strike to celebrate the victory). So my shooting session ended on a high note.

We are so very happy for Dirk Nowitzki. Congratulations! He deserves it!

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15 Responses to A day in the life of a paper florist

  1. 小墨说道:


  2. 六年级说道:

    love the way you absorb the beauty and the details. love how you translate it into your own creation even more.
    most of all, love your passion.

    • Fei说道:

      Thank you! I feel like I am on something these days that keeps me euphoric and creative. Perhaps it is the audience and nice comments like yours here! 🙂

  3. 跳舞の影子说道:


    • Fei说道:


  4. 小雨说道:


    • Fei说道:


  5. 说道:


    • Fei说道:

      我以为我最近贴这么多做花,婚礼摄影的帖子,把我的男性读者都恶心走了 ;)

      • 说道:


  6. maoheihei说道:


  7. Mid Summer说道:

    Hi, your paper peonies looks gorgeous! Is there any difference when crafting using tissue or crepe papers?

    • Fei说道:

      hi, Mid Summer, yes there is a difference between tissue paper and crepe paper. Tissue papers don’t have the tiny folds like the crepe papers, so they cannot be stretched (to create the curled shapes of the petals). You will notice the crepe flowers have petals that are round and curled inwards, because of the stretching.


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