Love These photos by Yvonne Wong

Photos from Yvonne’s blog.

Dreamy colors and lovely shots. Exactly my cup of tea.

Can I get a job with the responsibility of looking at talented photographers’ work all day long?










5 Responses to Love These photos by Yvonne Wong

  1. zhijie600说道:


    • Fei说道:


  2. zk说道:

    I guess Jeff is more of the style you would like?

    • Fei说道:

      thanks for sharing the links. I am browsing through his website, and like the “image of the week” portion. i like reading about the thoughts behind these photos.

      I can so tell this is a male photographer by just looking at his photos. I also know that he is a very journalistic and analytic photographer (person). but I haven’t looked very far yet. 🙂

      I wouldn’t say he is exactly my style. I guess my style is more romantic, in other words, cheesy, with more flair and sass than he is. actually, I take that back a little bit, I dono if I can coin what “my style” is. I know what I like to look at. But what I produce could be different story. taking pictures of people is my weakness. I dono how to interact with my subjects…

      Very interesting photos to look at nevertheless! Now that I spent some more time looking at his work, I think I like him more and more…


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