behind the scenes

Here is a funny one I have to share 🙂

We had so many thorny seeds of weeds stuck in our shoes/socks/pants/dress when we hiked. At one point, we all had to take a break and pick out the thorns. Hence this behind-the-scenes picture Laura snapped. (In fact, I still find thorns here and there in random articles of clothing. They are really persistent in surviving and spreading…)

I spent this long weekend unpacking… Just moved into a new condo, bought a bed, dresser, curtains and bedsheets. Lots and lots of more work to be done to make this feel like a home… I hate moving, but I hate not being with you more. So, wherever you are, it is home to me.

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6 Responses to behind the scenes

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  2. schnauzermo说道:

    fei你好不 =)我回到长沙大,lia的要死啊。。。。你有空去看我的结婚照啊!

  3. 张三说道:


  4. schnauzermo说道:



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