A pictorial diary

I have so many pictures from the engagement session I would love to share on my blog, but I am exercising my utmost self-restraint not to do so, or I will spoil the slide show I am making for my guests at the wedding reception. Oh, but please allow me to post just two more…

Isn’t this background priceless? It was a wall in someone’s home once upon a time. Was there a fire, perhaps? It was taken out, abandoned in the park, all broken and rustic, telling the stories once inside the walls to the wind and the trees and the wild-life. When we saw this, we were ecstatic. Love that Laura turned the picture into black-and-white. How appropriate!

Tying the knot.

OK. I promise I will stop posting engagement photos here. I will share them later after the big day 🙂


I ran out of crepe paper to make flowers with today, but was too lazy to go buy more. So I experimented with some paper napkins… And I am pleasantly surprised by how they turned out!

Can you tell that I made a few different kinds?

BTW, I love this Laura Ashley bed sheet. So very pretty. I love everything Laura Ashley. Both of my dresses worn in the engagement photos are Laura Ashely, which I bought seven years ago when I spent a year in England. Such a shame there is no Laura Ashley in the US, I never had the luck to own another Laura Ashely dress. I digress…

The white flowers look so cute when added to my bouquet of pink roses…

I tried over-exposing this shot. Love the result… This is inspired by Jose Villa’s beautiful photography, his playfulness and experimental attitude. I am following so many photographers’ blogs and constantly feel inspired. Such a wonderful feeling! I haven’t felt like this in a long time. Too bad I still have to work during the week 😛 I keep thinking to myself, one day, I will make a living as a photographer. One day!!!

My friend Abby asked me for a flower, so I made one for her. I made a little stand for the flower out of card stock and glued a piece of cloth with a message on top. I hope Abby loves this a one-of-a-kind gift made from the most ordinary things!

There are so many different ways of making flowers… such as simply twisting a piece of fabric around and around! Made these last week. Haven’t figured out how to use them yet 🙂 I guess I can add a bobby pin to the back and force my bridesmaids wear them in the hair. na, just kidding.

Also tried making these out of paper napkins. Spending a few minutes makes a gift so much more personal.

Wish you all a beautiful weekend!

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12 Responses to A pictorial diary

  1. zhijie600说道:


  2. 印月说道:

    路过。姑娘你真美好 🙂

  3. mimiwand说道:

    好久没来了. 今天看到太多惊喜.

  4. summerbirdjane说道:

    Fei 你什么时候结婚?

  5. schnauzermo说道:

    从回国好不容易打开这些照片。真是太美了,祝你们幸福!!!我也想要你几朵花放在家里做装饰啊 =)


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