A Picnic in the park

This preview from Laura today just about made me cry the moment I saw it.

See those hanging cranes of all colors flying in the wind? Laura learned to make those for my photo session. They are so beautiful, and make the picture feel like a dream.

Poor X, who had to carry all the fruits, the vase, and the blanket, on our multi-hour hike in the park. But for this one moment captured, and thus lives in our memories forever, it was all worth it, says the girl who carried nothing but a hat 🙂

For those of you camera hardware aficionados, her camera is a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. She used ISO6400 (!!!) for this shoot, because it was almost 8 PM then, and we were racing against the clock to catch the last ray of daylight. Let me admire for a little while this camera… And, of course, most importantly, Laura, who has a great eye for beautiful moments.

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4 Responses to A Picnic in the park

  1. 跳舞の影子说道:

    好像童话一般的场景,公主与王子一切尽在不言中 😉

  2. zhijie600说道:


  3. QQ说道:

    真幸福 浪漫 美丽。。。

  4. summerbirdjane说道:



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