I finally watched Munich by Spielberg…
not an easy movie to watch.
it leaves a heavy load on the mind, which i can’t shake off…
will try to fall asleep again later after i post this entry.
May God bless us, the miserable confused creatures walking on this earth.
P.S. I REALLY like Eric Bana. never noticed his films before. but i must say that he has a very catching presence. kudos to his fabulous looks and acting as Avner.
P.P.S. i swear i thought i was watching the Godfather when Avner has dinner at Louis’ Papa’s house… beautiful…

2 Responses to Munich

  1. 舟元说道:

    Hey, Buddy
    Eric Bana also acted in the movie "Black Hawk Down", hehe

  2. Miaomei说道:



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