The good thing about the Movie "Crash" is that no one is really that evil, and that something out there is keeping this mess we make in balance and giving everyone a chance to redeem himself.
i keep thinking about that Persian shopkeeper, who fired a gun at a little girl out of anger towards her father. i keep thinking about the expression in his face when he soon realized that the little girl was not hurt… he must have thought that God was right there at that very moment to make this miracle happen.
The corrupt LAPD who molested a woman but happened to risk his own life to save the same woman the next day…
i really like Crash. it makes me appreciate how robust the relationships between human beings can be.
somehow, it makes me feel the warmth of the hand of God over us.

One Response to Crash

  1. Ying说道:

    Unfortunately, in the real world, crashes keep going on everywhere, everyday… without the fictional miracles. Maybe that\’s why we need this movie : )


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