The Danger of Addiction

I am a total coffee aficionado, addict, freak…  😛
I am by no means a coffee connoisseur though. I drink it not because it tastes good, (I can’t really tell between good coffee and bad coffee), I just like how the caffeine makes me feel, a little hot, excited, a little high.
It makes me feel good in the morning, like blood revives a red-eyed Romanian vampire who has just crawled out of bed at 8 AM half-alive. 😛 
Although I have never smoked, (except once when I was five and secretly tried my father’s cigarette out of curiosity and hated it), I suspect that coffee has the same effects to me like cigarettes to my father.  
My father smokes when he needs to stay up late, or when he is unhappy. He tried several times to give it up, for health reasons and my many threats to deny him as my father if he didn’t stop smoking. But he couldn’t really give it up. Smoking comforted him in a way nobody could. It was like his most loyal companion that is always there when he needed. 
When I have lots and lots of work and little sleep, coffee turns me into a machine that doesn’t crash until my deadlines. When I am lonely and missing home and friends or for whatever reason feel disappointed about myself, it cheers me up 🙂 It never fails.  
Well, I kind of know in the back of my head that it is not good drinking so much coffee. Oh well, at least it is better than drinking alcohol. I can still drive without a ticket after being caffeinated 🙂 
Am I too addicted? Yes. Is it bad? Perhaps.  
What if one day I can’t drink coffee any more? Then I can’t stay awake in my merciless 9 AM classes; I feel miserable and sleepy for a large part of the day 😦 
I should perhaps not be too addicted to coffee, or anything, anyone.
The danger of addiction is that you can’t function once you are without it.  
Ain’t good for ya babe. Ain’t good.  
I honestly wish I know what it means, God.


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